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Best Skate Co. - Skateboarding Is Life

This T-Shirt was made possible in part by the #Skatetwitter community. This item was* a pre-sale and has since transitioned to regular retail item with orders being fulfilled once purchased. Thank you for making this design possible!  



Disregard Old Details Below*


This item is a pre-sale with a tentative ship date of 4/6/22 

Once this item heads to production the price will change to $30.00 each. 

This will be printed on our classic fit t-shirt which is 5.5 oz and 100% Cotton. 


Fine Print*

1. If for some unforeseen reason we do not meet the quantity needed to produce this shirt we will refund you the full cost of the product. 2. The 4/6 timeline is subject to change and could very well be earlier. 3. If you have any questions about your order please feel free to contact us directly. 4. The price will vary depending on when you ordered your t-shirt (Pre-Sale will always be cheaper). 5. Due to supply chain issues this year we may change the garment (not color or style - ex. t-shirt) at any time to one that is the same or better quality.